About Chilling on the Spectrum

Next group: September 25, 2024 7-9pm

Fee: $200 for 8 weekly sessions

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In this group you can expect:

Chilling on the Spectrum is an Autistic-led support and social group that aims to connect and empower young adults on the spectrum.

This weekly 8-session online group will offer peer support and social opportunities for young adults on the spectrum ages 18-29.

The group is co-facilitated by Daniel Share-Strom, a motivational speaker and registered social worker (RSW), and Sherri Liska, autism advocate and consultant.

Join us for conversation on topics of interest to the autism community and meet other autistic people your age! New groups are offered throughout the year.

Daniel Share-Strom (he/him)

Daniel Share-Strom (he/him)

Daniel’s passion for neurodiversity stems from his experiences growing up Autistic in a world designed for neurotypicals. He understands that autism is not one-size-fits-all, and that each person has unique needs and a unique path to living their best life.

Daniel Share-Strom (he/him)

Sherri Liska (she/her)

Sherri Liska is a consultant and advocate in the fields of autistic accessibility, education, and joy. As the owner of Freely Divergent Neurodiversity Consulting, she takes a gentle and welcoming approach to helping professionals and families improve their connections to their autistic clients, students, and loved ones.

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