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Upcoming session: July 4, 2024 -  August 29, 2024

Navigating Work is a support group and workshop series for Neurodivergent adults who are interested in building their careers or seeking support with their job search. The program was first developed by Janna Vasil, previous Job Coach with Dori Zener & Associates, based out of Toronto, Ontario, and has evolved over the years.

The Navigating Work weekly Zoom sessions open up a shared space to expand skills and discuss issues of importance to Neurodivergent job-seekers, gaining valuable knowledge, solidarity, mutual support and confidence in working with employers and recruiters.

Our vision is to foster an enabling and empowering place for Neurodivergent individuals to share ideas about the workforce and how to successfully navigate the world of work and find our places in it through learning from each other.

The small-group allows for an engaging and interactive space, and the programming includes regular informal touchpoints so we can try to adapt to the needs of the particular group as feasible, based on collective, collaborative decision-making.  

We have partnered with Epilepsy Toronto to provide job search, placement and retention services for interested participants.

Workshop Series Schedule

The next round of our Navigating Work workshop series takes place 6:30- 8:30 pm Eastern Time (EST) each Thursday for 8 weeks, from July 4, 2024 - August 29, 2024 with an Epilepsy Toronto Orientation date to be determined.

Program Outline & What to Expect

Each week, we start with a 20-minute check-in.
Afterwards, the group will follow either:
(a) group discussion format, with each participant sharing experiences on the theme of the week, or
(b) workshop format, in which a specific skill will be taught and practised, e.g., resume writing, networking or interviewing.

The Navigating Work program outline below gives a general overview of the 8 week workshop series. As this is an interactive program – meaning we regularly check in and discuss how sessions are going and what each specific group of participants' needs and interests are – there is always some flexibility and the outline may be updated somewhat during our programming.

  • Week 1: Introduction to Self-Branding
  • Week 2: Looking for work in a Neurodiverse Context
  • Week 3: Workshopping Resumes and Interview Preparation
  • Week 4: Networking part I: Strategies & Tools
  • Week 5: Networking and Interview Preparation Part 2
  • Week 6: Knowing your rights in the workplace
  • Week 7: Disclosures and Accommodations
  • Week 8: Self-Advocacy, Q&A

Registration Fee

A $160 deposit is necessary to secure your spot, and you will be reimbursed if you access Epilepsy Toronto Employment Services.

Erin Dekker (they/them)

Erin Dekker (they/them)

Erin Dekker is a Human Resources professional and a Disability Studies researcher. Their late-discovered autistic identity created a passion for exploring the interactions between neurodivergence and the environment.

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