Adeen Ashton Fogle (they/them)

Adeen Ashton Fogle (they/them)

M. Ed.

About Adeen

Adeen Ashton Fogle is a strengths-based and person-centered coach and family navigator. As sole parent to a neurodivergent adult, Adeen brings lived-experience in navigating health, social and academic systems. As a post-secondary educator, Adeen has been supporting accessibility, diversity and equity within adult education for three decades. Their recent M.Ed. used arts-based research to explore the impact of masking on the mental well-being of Neurodivergent learners.

Adeen is passionate about the performance arts. In the United Kingdom they used ForumTheatre as an expressive tool, supporting over 500 neurodivergent adult learners in articulating their career aspirations to the leaders of 300 organizations in a three-year government-funded program.

Adeen has significant experience in their work at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health. They serve as Chair of CAMH’s Caregiver Advisory Committee at the Azrieli Adult Neurodevelopmental Centre and participate on the Patient-Family Learning Space advisory committee and the 2SLGBTQI+ Employment Resource Group. They also design and facilitate peer support groups, advocacy groups and ACT training groups.

Adeen is a compassionate and intuitive individual who creates a safe space that is trauma-informed. They bring a wealth of lived intersectionality, academic learning, non-judgmental problem-solving and critical self-reflection to their work. Please register for a consultation to learn how Adeen can best support you.

Client focus:

Caregiver/Family navigator, Life skills coaching, Academic coaching


Caregiver/ Family Navigator ($100/hour)

Life Skills Coach ($150/hour)

Academic Coach ($150/hour)




Caregiver/Family Navigator ($100/hour)

  • Peer Support/Peer Mentoring
  • Knowledge Brokerage
  • Acceptance and Commitment Training for Caregivers (ACT)
  • Providing space to validate your caregiver experience and voice
  • Transition planning (transitioning through life stages and circumstances: both yours and your loved one’s)
  • Identifying, developing and supporting your role as an advocate for your loved one and how to be part of the Care Team
  • Consent, reasonable adjustments and your loved ones’ deciding whether or not to disclose disability
  • Supporting your loved one in education and work, and setting them up for success
  • Advocating for your loved one in the health system
  • Advocating for your loved one in the social system (social supports)
  • Communication considerations by letter, video and conversation
  • Arts-based work/your own creativity explored including journaling and story-telling
  • Self-care. Your health
  • Aging and the future

Life Skills Coach ($150/hour)

  • Navigating social services and supported living
  • Navigating health services (doctor appointments, tests, emergencies, how to self-advocate)
  • Knowing your rights as a patient, communicating with doctors
  • Grocery shopping and budgeting
  • Hobbies and special interests
  • Navigating public transportation
  • Supporting sensory issues around personal hygiene
  • Funding support (grants etc)
  • Navigating joining special interest groups online and live
  • Internet safety. Social media. Scam issues.
  • Work applications, CVs etc including disclosure. Asking for accommodations. Reasonable adjustments to expect from the employer

Academic Coach ($150/hour)

  • Navigating college/university expectations
  • Transitioning into post-secondary
  • Writing for post-secondary
  • Breaking down lecture/lesson content into manageable components
  • Managing required reading material
  • Managing tests/exams
  • Understanding rubrics and applying
  • Understanding research questions and staying on-topic
  • Designing timelines
  • Group assignments at college: setting up for success.
  • Successful living in residence
  • Navigating funding and accessibility (OSAP, funding, grants, trusts and loans, accessibility service departments)

Treatment Approach:

  • Strengths-based and Person-centred

Therapy Options:




Passion for Neurodiversity

Common Questions

Embarking on the journey of booking a therapy session can be a significant step—one that might seem intimidating.

Here are some FAQs

How do I book a free consultation?

If your preferred associate is available to meet with new clients, please click the link in their bio to book your free 20-minute consultation.

If they are not meeting with new clients at this time, please feel free to add yourself to our waiting list. Our Intake Coordinator will be in touch as soon as possible to schedule your appointment.

Are your consultations virtual?

Yes, all our consultations are virtual. However, some of our associates meet clients for in-person sessions in the Toronto area.

What types of insurance do you accept?

Our therapists are Registered Social Workers and Registered Psychotherapists and are covered by most health benefits plans. Check your benefits to see if these professionals are covered by your insurance.

How can I pay?

Payments are made through our client portal after each session. All major credit cards are accepted.

What is your cancellation policy?

We require 48 hour cancellation notice for in-person sessions, and 24 hours for virtual appointments.

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Adeen Ashton Fogle (they/them)

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Adeen Ashton Fogle (they/them)

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Research & Media Links


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Contact us to request full-text versions of the publications.

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Radio guest

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